2011 Star Motorcycle V Star 1300 Tourer

Written by Jack Bates. Posted in Motorcycles

When you are thinking of a tourer bike the 2011 Star Motorcycle V Star 1300 Tourer is the one which should be on your mind. The manufacturers have put all their knowledge and effort into building this bike and it shows because as soon as you see it you instantly fall in love with it. The words which sum up this beautiful bike are: great looks, performance and easy handling.

The engine is a V twin with fuel injection and a capacity of 1304 cc, everything a bike needs to generate great power. The chassis is all made of steel and has a classic design. Because it is made from steel it makes its maneuvering very easy and also easy to handle.

This particular model, the 2011 Star Motorcycle V Star 1300 Tourer, has chrome elements. The parts which are made of chrome are the belt guard and the headlight housing. All this components work very well with the black finishes which have made the Star Motorcycle famous throughout the years. The Tourer is a combination between a modern style  and  sporty one. The instrumentation bar is retro and is equipped with a speedometer and an LCD screen which indicates the following: coolant temperature, low fuel, low oil level, engine diagnostic function and neutral.

The engine of the bike is a V twin with a capacity of 1.304 cc which delivers great power and at the same time keep the sound of the classic cruiser and the well known pulse. The fuel is injected into the engine through each cylinder. The special thing about this engine is that every cylinder is equipped with it personal injector spray which feeds the 36 mm valves. What helps in sending the right amount of fuel and air into the engine is the computer controlled system. All of these translate into a smooth and strong performance of the engine. To this model a new cooling system has been installed and what it does is send the cooler liquid through hidden hoses. Unlike the other models the 2011 Star Motorcycle V Star 1300 Tourer has a very easy to reach oil filter but well hidden so that it does not interfere with the design of the bike.

This is the Star Motorcycle V Star 1300 Tourer which was launched this year. If you are a fan of Star Motorcycle you should consider buying this one because you will not regret. It has everything a biker could hope for.

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