2012 Honda ST1300P ABS

Written by Jack Bates. Posted in Motorcycles

Honda is proud to present you the new Honda ST1300P ABS model which will be launched in 2012. The new Honda model has already made a huge success among bike lovers. This car was specially designed for cops. At first glance the bike is very imposing and gives you that safety feeling which you should have when you see a police man sitting on it.

The special feature which the bike has is the adjustable screen which is about 7.4″ and a possibility of adjustability of 13 degrees. This is very important for this type of bike because it protects the driver from the wind at high speed and it gives touring comfort to the driver. The handle bars have suffered some modifications: they have been raised with about 25 mm and have been widened with about 13.5 mm. These adjustments have specially been made in order to make space for the siren, the antenna and the electronic radio which every police bike needs. Other elements which have been added to the bike are: covers for the electronic components for the weather, engine protections on the left and also on the right, on and off headlight switch, right handlebar which a lot of control switches and an air deflector set which is only 8 mm.

The engine is very impressive, it is a V four with a capacity of 1.261 cc and  DOHC 90 degree. All these elements which are part of the engine were introduced in order to make the bike powerful and capable of coping at great speed. The transmission has five speeds and has a gear ration which allowed the driver to accelerate fast and easy. Aside from the engine the bike is also equipped with a impressive  ST1300P ABS and a multi action system also known as HMAS of 45 mm which make it more easy to control the bike.

This is the  Honda  ST1300P ABS which will be launched in 2012. It is quite an accomplishment for the company and we are sure that the cops which will have the opportunity to ride it will have not problems with it and they will be able to do their job is the safest way possible. All the features present on this model are there to give comfort and power. In this type of job efficiency is very important and that is where  Honda ST1300P ABS comes in the picture.