2012 Yamaha Roadliner S

Written by Jack Bates. Posted in Motorcycles

Yamaha has presented to us the new and slightly improved Roadliner S which will be launched in 2012. Many modifications have not been made to this model and many specialists think that it was a smart choice.

At this model the frame is longer and and lower but still made of aluminum. Because of this light material from which the frame was made it make the bike lighter and easier to maneuver. Yamaha has introduced the biggest engine bikers have ever seen which is why the money you spend on this model is worth every penny. Another specific feature for this model is the sculpted seat which is perfect for when you want to go on long trips. Chrome is very much present on this model starting with the front break, the switchgear, the fork and the fork covers, the master cylinders and the belt guard.

The engine of this bike is a V twin with a capacity of 1.854 cc. Because of its great engine the bike can keep its stability at very high speed. One excellent feature of this engine is the electronic fuel injection which makes the engine more efficient and can cope with almost any condition. Many people might think that since the bike has such a big engine it will consume a great deal of gas but it is not the case, the bike actually has an estimated fuel economy of about 42 mpg. The capacity of the fuel tank is of  4.5 gallons.

One special feature which we have also mentioned earlier is the sculpted seat which makes it easier for the driver to go on long trips. The seat is very comfortable which means that you will not have to make as many stops as you would normal do.

The instrumentation on the new  Roadliner S has a retro style and contains the following: fuel gauge, tachometer, odometer, an analog speedometer and two digital trip meters. It has a very bright colored headlight.

So, this is the new Roadliner S which will be launched in 2012. If you are the type of rider who likes to go on long trips then this is the bike you should buy for yourself. The bike is a smart combination between comfort and technology. Until the launch which will happen next year these are all the information we can give you about the Roadliner S.

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