High Tech Motorcycle Helmets for Passionate Bikers

Written by Philip Garner. Posted in Motorcycles

As a biker, you are surely willing to spend as much as it’s needed to ensure that you have the best gear possible. But owning a great bike isn’t enough, as the equipment that you wear when you ride it is equally important. When it comes to equipment, the most important piece that you must focus on is the helmet as it is the gear that offers your head protection in case of accidents. But a helmet can do a lot more than simply protect you, the high-tech models that have appeared in the last years providing many other advantages that you can benefit from. If you want to ride your bike while wearing a modern, high-tech helmet that will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable, read the following lines to discover which is the best bluetooth helmet that you can go with.

O’Neal Commander

The O’Neal Commander Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a perfect example of excellence in design as this model isn’t only highly resistant to impact due to its construction, but it ensures that you will have an amazing time while wearing it due to the many features that it comes with. It features a drop-down sun visor that will protect your eyes during sunny days. The Bluetooth 2.0 technology that it comes with ensures 10 hours of continuous talk time. Other important features of this model that are worth mentioning are the fact that it allows rider-to-rider intercom for up to 118 feet, it allows you to answer calls during the ride, and it even allows you to listen to music.

Hawk H-6611

What you will surely love about the Hawk H-6611 is the fact that this model features a dual visor system that allows you to use the smoked sun visor when it’s too sunny outside and you want to protect your eyes. Due to the fact that it’s Bluetooth compatible, this motorcycle helmet allows you to talk to other riders that are in your proximity, to listen to music, and even answer calls. The battery of this unit lasts for 4 hours of continuous talk and 100 hours in the standby mode. Just know that it is compatible only with iOS devices, so unless you have an iPhone, this isn’t the model that you must go with.

Torc T14B

Another great, high-tech motorcycle helmet that is worth your attention if you’re a passionate biker is the Torc T14B, a model that features a Bluetooth integrated shell. What makes it such a great option to go with is the fact that it features driver to driver communication, GPS navigation, and it even allows you to listen to music as you ride. In addition to being so technologically advanced, this helmet is made with great attention to detail, the dual-density EPS material used in the manufacturing of the shell ensuring that you will be properly protected as you ride your bike.

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