MotoGP Poker Series

Written by Jack Bates. Posted in Motorcycles

From the race track to the felt tables

Poker and racing may be two different sports, but one thing keeps both their enthusiasts glued to their respective hobbies—a thirst for adrenaline. Whilst these daredevil pilots race around the circuits in incredible speeds, the devotees of the tactical sport of poker are also enjoying a different kind of adrenaline action. To succeed in a poker game, it takes some guts and skill to turn a bad hand to your advantage. Even with a good hand, it takes a skillful player to successfully hide his excitement with a bluff. As they say, control is key. There’s also a great deal of focus employed in both forms of competition. Because of such similarities, major sports moguls including entertainment giant Bwin, paved the way for racing fans and poker aficionados to enjoy both hobbies in one event. Today, we now have the likes of MotoGP Poker Series where fans of the strategic sport can showcase their skills and the winner gets a free ticket to the MotoGP championship event. In fact, a pervading theme in marathons and fundraising events usually revolve around the bike or poker theme like the poker run event which allows players to travel with their bikes collecting cards from predetermined locations. In this event, the one who collects the best hand wins the prize.

Since there are several events associated with motorsports, it wasn’t a surprise to see racing as a form of promoting charity events. In fact, plenty of racing fans have turned to poker tournaments so they can win free tickets in MotoGP Championships or perhaps join multiple racing VIPs and superstars. There have been plenty of meet and greet events including that with racing legend, Randy Mamola. And of course, with such a high-profile event, publicity has even reached the virtual scene. It is a common occurrence these days that multiple events (be it sports-related, fundraisers, or similar activities) are broadcasted and updated online. Even Bwin’s own list of partners including PartyPoker and MotoGP are a regular in social network networking sites. Now there’s PartyPoker on Twitter where poker fans can find their card gaming updates including tour schedules. This partnership was responsible for the famous Poker in the Sky in Spain where famous MotoGP stars play poker at a platform suspended way above the race tracks. Up to date, there are regular poker events that cater to the needs of racing fans and those who thirst for some adrenaline-inducing action.