2011 Triumph Speed Triple

Written by Jack Bates. Posted in Motorcycles

The last version of the Triumph Speed Triple who has a success was the one launched in 2005. Now, five years after that great model the company felt the need to bring something new on the market. This urge led to the launch of the extraordinary 2011 Triumph Speed Triple which has caught the eye of all bike lovers. Since 1994 the company has sold over 65.000 models of bikes and we are sure that with this new model the sales are going to increase. It seems that the Triumph is one of the most popular naked bikes on the market. These bikes are equipped with new chassis’, swing arms and frames. There have also been some structure modifications regarding the position of the motorcycle batteries and the riding seats.

The engine of the Triumph Speed Triple is a triple cylinder with 1050cc, very powerful. Even though the engine has a spread of torque between  6000 and 9000 rpm this is not what catches the eye, the finishing touches on the bike are the ones which make the difference. All the upgraded elements were finished almost to perfection. The reason why the bike has can take so much speed and has a relatively low rpm is because of the revised ECU. The gearbox has some new elements which makes it easier to drive.

Because of the new frame the engine has been pushed a little bit forward and is angled down in order to balance the weight, The weight being positioned more to the front has allowed the bike to take more speed, as fast as the famous 675 Triumph model. Other modification have also been made to these bikes: the motorcycle batteries have been relocated behind the headsocks and the seats of the riders have been moved closer to the steering head. With all this modification being made the bike can be driven with no problems. Because it is so easy to use you can commute from home to your work with it, you can go on long trips or just for a ride in the town. The seat of the rider is not so high as before making it easier for riders whit short legs to drive it.

This is the new Triumph Speed Triple which has been launched this year. If you are planning on buying a motorcycle you should also take into consideration this model. Even though the company has taken a long time launching a speed bike the time has finally come and the Triumph Speed Triple 2011 is the end product.

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